Triodyne Safety System's parent company, Triodyne, Inc. is a mechanical engineering firm specializing in the safety of mechanical devices and engineering systems such as manufacturing machines, motor vehicles, construction equipment, medical devices, consumer products, control systems, manufacturing processed, and material handling.

Their services include: accident reconstruction, basic and applied safety research, engineering design analysis, product testing and evaluation, safety training and safety publishing.

Triodyne Safety Systems, LLC was formed in 1998 to develop safety devices and processes to solve the seemingly intractable problems Triodyne, Inc. encounters over and over in its work.  Triodyne Safety Systems is currently working in four areas:

  • Pool and Spa Safety
  • Advanced Interlock Systems
  • Overhead Guards for Industrial Machines
  • Ladder Safety

Triodyne Inc.
Consulting Engineers and Scientists
666 Dundee Rd. Suite 103
Northbrook, IL 60060
Phone: 847-677-4730
Fax: 847-647-2047

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